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David Fosler

David Fosler // Technical Coordinator

David Fosler

technical coordinator

Dave has been a sound technician for 20 years now as well as serving in different capacities as opportunities have allowed. He and his wife Michelle have been married for 30 years and have two adult children, Tim and Rachel. Dave enjoys listening to music, watching movies, going to airshows (especially to watch the Air Force Thunderbirds or the Navy Blue Angels), spending time with his family and friends, and riding his motorcycle!  

Dave grew up going to church and Sunday school but didn't really understand what Christianity was all about. He attended a large weekend long motivational event in January of 1994 which included a church service Sunday morning. The speaker spelled out the gospel-why Jesus came to Earth, why we needed Him, and why He had to die for us. Hearing the message so plainly and clearly for the first time, when they had the altar call and invited anyone forward who wanted to give their life to Jesus, Dave ran to the front. He has never looked back and since coming to Westosha Lakes Church in November 2014 has been blessed by the pastors and sermons, which God has used to deepen Dave's spiritual walk.

what is your hope for wlc?

Dave's hope is that people who have been hurt or damaged by others not representing Christ well would see at Westosha Lakes Church a place where people truly try to live out the gospel - in their lives, their families, and relationships - and feel welcomed when visiting our church.