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Bible Reading Plan

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The Gospel Coalition (TGC) has again partnered with Crossway to launch Read the Bible in 2021The goal is to help individual Christians and churches read God’s Word faithfully next year. Once again, it’ll involve:

  1. Bible-Reading Plan. Reading the Bible following Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s plan, which will take us through the entire Bible in a year (including the New Testament and Psalms twice). This is the main course. The rest are side dishes. Download the PDF reading plan, print it out, and place it in your Bible. If you’re a pastor, small-group leader, or one-on-one discipler, consider printing out copies to give away and inviting others to join you as you commit to the reading plan.
  2. Daily Newsletter. daily newsletter with Don Carson’s devotional reflection along with related articles and links to each day’s Bible readings. Subscribe to the newsletter.
  3. Podcast. An audio-podcast reading of Don Carson’s For the Love of God (vol. 2), a daily devotional commentary that follows the M’Cheyne reading plan: podcast (Apple | RSS | Stitcher).
  4. Online Articles. Bible and theology articles on TGC’s website that track with the weekly Bible readings and help us answer tough questions that arise from what we’re reading in God’s Word.
  5. Facebook Group. More than 30 people have joined our Facebook group for mutual accountability and sharing reflections from God’s Word.

So we invite you—individual Christians, families, pastors, church leaders, school administrators—to consider joining us in 2021 to read the Bible together.

Insanely Normal Times: Why TGC Will Read Through the Bible Again in 2021 (

2021 Psalms & New Testament Bible Reading Plan

WLC's crafted reading plan based on the TGC Read the Bible Plan will bring you through Psalms and the New Testament in a year. This plan is intended for those still growing in their Bible reading habit!